Break Free & Heart Strings

New Release on PROMO! (Only for 24 hours)
Break Free -

Features mesh dress, mesh collar, both in multiple sizes, 6 color options for dress in easy to use HUD, arm bands, leggings, holster, shoulder armor, horns, bracelets, and boots.
Demo’s available inworld and on the marketplace.

New Release!
Heartstrings – 230L

Features mesh top, mesh skirt, both in multiple sizes, 10 color options for the skirt in easy to use HUD, and Boots.
Located in the New Releases or on the marketplace @ the link above.

Wild Child – PROMO


New 24 Hour Marketplace PROMO!
Wild Child -

Features cute mesh top, mesh skirt, both in multiple sizes, 8 option texture HUD for skirt, leggings, bracelets, headband, and boots.
Demo’s available inworld and on the marketplace.

Here are our other New Releases!

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24 Hour PROMO


New Release PROMO on the marketplace for 24 Hours only

Demo’s available inworld and on the marketplace.

Other NEW Releases

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Whats New this week!

What’s new this week?
Check out the slideshow below.
All can be purchased inworld or on our marketplace

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Crazy Busy!

Been so crazy busy I haven’t had a moment to blog! So here is a mass catch up, you can find all the new releases inworld @


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Happy Friday!

Yay it’s the weekend! This weeks been super busy, so happy I can just sit n relax for a bit.
Below is a catch up on all the releases from this week, don’t miss a thing ♥
You can grab them all in the -> Mainstore <- or on our -> Marketplace <-
Rock Me

Sin City

Sabotage Me

Beautiful Stranger

Butterfly Empire & Dark Gypsy

Two New Releases are out in our mainstore, both can be found at

Butterfly Empire

Features gorgeous mesh kimono in multiple sizes, 7 color options, goggles, and headpiece.


Dark Gypsy

Features sexy bra, tango applier, mesh arm warmers, mesh skirt, both in multiple sizes, 7 option color HUD for skirt, and finger tape.


New Release just landed in the store and its currently on sale for 100L, This discount is only available at the inworld store and only for a limited time.
Empire –

Features cute mesh kimono in multiple sizes, 5 color options, goggles, and headpiece.
Demo’s are available inworld to test out the sizing.
Located in the New Releases @ the link above

Sharing the Love

Good morning everyone! Hope it finds you well =^_^=
Mine was a bit annoying, evil storms woke me up at 5am, so I’ve missed out on my much needed beauty rest lol
But enough of that I wanted to let you all know about a few things available in the mainstore.

Our Raffle Board! You can enter our Raffle every day for a chance to win 250L in store credit,
A winner is drawn daily giving you plenty of chances to win every week. Entering is completely free it only
requires you add Envious to your profile picks, and have your group tag active, easy right? So stop in & slap that
board hard, good luck! ;)

June Group Gift is also out & waiting for you to claim.

And of course you always save the best for last right?
The Thrift Shop 5.0 will be starting VERY soon & Envious is in this round!
I’ve made 5 goodies just for the occasion & I think you’ll love them.
And they will all be 50% off how awesome is that? Below is just one of many,to see all our exclusive items for this event visit out events page >Click Here<

Are you a Blogger?

Envious is looking for more bloggers now through June 13th.
Applications can be found inworld at our front desk or you can copy and paste the following into a notecard.

Please read over the requirements for our bloggers and fill out the application below.

What we are looking for in our bloggers :
– Visually appealing photo’s showcasing our work in the best possible light.
– Quality content
– Professionalism
– Style

What is expected of our bloggers :
– Blog all items you claim!
– All bloggers have access to the brand new Bloggers Corner on the Envious sim, inside this room are all items I would like to be blogged. This gives you the opportunity to blog something more to your tastes. All items you click/claim MUST be blogged, no exceptions. ((You will need a group tag to use this feature, if you are out of group spaces just let me know in your application)
– Turn in all links!
– Once you have made a post please paste me the link via IM, If a links not turned in I will assume you have not been staying active.
– Your blog MUST have a search bar, makes managing and finding your posts that much easier.
– Posting SLURLs or Marketplace Links when blogging is a MUST no exceptions.

If you have read over the above please fill out the application below, and post in comments or make a notecard
in secondlife titled “Blogger Application (YOUR NAME)” and pass to me SayaNicole Cuttita

» Your SL Name »

» Blog Name »

» Blog URL »

» Flickr »

» Age of Blog »

» Have you blogged anything from Envious before? Show it off ♥ »

» Name your top 5 Favorite products from Envious »

» If you have any questions or comments please post them here »

Thank you!

The Petals

New Releases are out!
Evil Petal, Sweet Petal, and Sweet Petal Ice -

Features sexy body suit, shoulder armor, mesh minijacket, holster, bracelet, sock fade, goggles, and boots. Lolas Tango+Phat Azz+WowMeh appliers included.
Located in the New Releases @ the link above.


Gallery Update

Well as most know I no longer use the blog since I have Flickr & Facebook there’s not much point.
But those of you still eyeing the blog here is a mass gallery update of what Envious has been up to yay!
Enjoy the eye candy & Don’t forget to visit our one and only main store inworld

Or you can hit us up on the marketplace

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Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale by :: Envious ::
Femme Fatale, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

New Release!
Femme Fatale -

Features 6 worded tops, tango appliers, peekaboo mini dress, ass appliers, mesh arm warmers, holster, and boots.


Sorry I’ve Been Away

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog again! I grew annoyed with the layout and just couldn’t seem to pick one so I kinda began to boycott it lol but I have a new layout up I think might survive for a bit. I will try my best to keep the blog updated ^^ but you can always follow Envious on Facebook! Just go to – – and slap the like button. All New Releases and status updates are updated daily ♥


PS. This is the 500th post to the blog *happy dances*


Cupid by :: Envious ::
Cupid, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

New Release!
Cupid – 160L


Features cute top, Tango appliers, mesh skirt, mesh arm warmers, mesh collar all in multiple sizes, cupids bow & arrow, holster, and oversized boots.

Located in the New Releases @ the link above or on our marketplace.

So Pink! & Booty Panties

Well today was a Pink day. Why? Not the slightest clue I usually don’t enjoy alot of pink but I just couldn’t get enough of it today! So here you have the results of today’s pink obsession lol

Includes 13 Panties, Words on the back shown. Ass applier options included.

Features cute top, bra, pants, all with optional appliers, mesh arm warmers in multiple sizes, finger tape, nails, wings, bandana, and sneakers. Located inworld @ the link above.

Ice Cold Discount Item

Ice Cold Discount Item by :: Envious ::
Ice Cold Discount Item, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

Hey ladies! Here is the very FIRST of the new Discount Items. I will be doing my very best to release an item at 55L every weekend! Discount Item will be located in the New Releases.

For our first item we have
“Ice Cold”
Features dress, tango+ass appliers, finger tape, nails, and ear muffs.

Sweet Pea – Prize for Picks

Sweet Pea by :: Envious ::
Sweet Pea, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

New prize just put in the Prize for Picks Board!
To claim simply add Envious to your profile picks section & slap the board (new picks can take up to 24 hours to update)

Sweet Pea – 180L
Features cute pink sweater dress, appliers, bandana, stockings, horns, mesh collar, goggles, holster, bracelet, and mesh unrigged boots with resizers installed.
Hope ya likes ♥


Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten by :: Envious ::
Sex Kitten, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

New Release!
Sex Kitten – 160L

Features sexy mesh suit in multiple sizes, includes 2 versions, tattoos, bracelets, finger tape, nails, holster, bandana, and optional tail & ears.
Located in the New Releases @ the link above.

Holiday Moose Antlers

Holiday Moose Antlers by :: Envious ::
Holiday Moose Antlers, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

New Release!
Holiday Moose Antlers – 175L

Features cute moose antlers with ears. Color HUD for the lights. Includes blinking & non-blinking versions.
Located in the New Releases @ the link above.


Kenzie Holiday Heels

Kenzie Holiday Heels by :: Envious ::
Kenzie Holiday Heels, a photo by :: Envious :: on Flickr.

New Release!
Kenzie Holiday Heels – 450L
((Black Friday Sale Price – 225L only for today!))

Features sexy mesh unrigged heels with resizers installed for easy fitting.
Located in the Private Label store @ the link above.