New Promo <33 Less Stress

New Market Promo!
Less Stress

Envious - Less Stress

New Release!
Tula Skirt – Cute Denim skirt with 10 Denim shades, 10 Panty colors. Includes version with & without panties. Sizes included for Maitreya, Belleza & Slink Bodies.
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Envious - Tula Skirt

Mesh Body Status?

Hey everyone!

Please answer the poll below! This will give me a good idea if Standard Sizes/Applier outfits are still wanted <33

Blogger Applications

Applications are once again open for Envious Bloggers!

If you are interested please fill out the form @

Envious Survey

Hi There! Please help envious by answering the question in this poll! We would like to know your feedback!

Sweet November Crush – Promo

New Release on limited time promo! Only discounted on our marketplace.

Sweet november crush

Check out the gallery for the latest releases!
Find them all online ->

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New Full Perm Rosie Headband

New Full Permission Release!
Rosie Headband – Features cute lighted reindeer antler headband.

Rosie Headband Full Permission

Pop this bubble

New releases! Pop This Bubble – Currently in 3 color options, more to follow!
Pop this bubble red Pop this bubble white Pop This Bubble

Hard Life & Take me out tonight

Hard Life –

This one is currently a group gift in our store! Join our group & claim your free copy ♥

Hard Life

Take me out tonight –

Take me out tonight

NEW Full Perm Kelly Boots

Lucy Heels – Full Permission Semi-Exclusive

New Full Perm Semi-Exclusive Released (Limited copies available.)
Lucy Heels – Includes Rigged heels for Slink High, TMP Ouch, and Maitreya High. PSD with multiple layers for easy use, DAE Files for Slink + TMP, AO Map and Light Map. More details on the marketplace

Lucy Heels Vendor

Mika Heels – Full Permission Semi-Exclusive

NEW Full Permission Semi-Exclusive Heels
Mika Heels, Rigged for SLink High TMP Ouch and Maitreya High, Includes Full perm mesh heels, OBJ, DAE’s,Multi-Layered PSD File, AO Map, Light Map, UVW. Only 10 Copies available –

Mika Heels Full Permission

New Full Permission Nina Harness Kit

New Full Permission Kit – Nina Harness –
Comes complete with rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes, PSD file with multiple layers for easy use, Light Map, AO Map, and UVW. Features 2 different faces. One for the straps one for the metal.
Nina Harness

Uni Babies

New releases!!! And these have become my absolute favorite outfits I’ve made this week. They’re just so cute!

Uni Baby comes complete with dress, lace garter, unicorn headband, kawaii wings, tail, bracelets, and leg warmers.
Leg warmers includes sizes for Slink High Feet and unrigged size.

Appliers included for Omega, TheMeshProject, and Slink Physique. Remember, Omega works on an amazing amount of different bodies with a simple controller. Which makes finding outfits to fit your new mesh body that much easier.

You can find both outfits on our marketplace or inworld.

Uni Baby

Uni Baby Dark

On my mind

New Releases!
On My Mind

Available in Pink, Purple, and Black.
On My Mind Black On My Mind Pink On My Mind Purple

New Full Perm Fey Horns

New Full Permission Release
On Promo for 24 hours only.
Fey Horns –

If you would like to join our Full Perm mailing list, please send me an IM

Fey Horns Full Permission

Save the World!

New Release!

Save the world – 180L

Save The World

Have costume requests for this year? Comment below! Getting through as many as I can this year ♥

On My Mind in Pink

New Release!
On My Mind Pink – 180L

On My Mind Pink

Be sure to check out the new mainstore if you haven’t already. Our midnight mania is also back up and running on new minirounds. We’ve locked ALOT so far. This weekend I will be adding a new round of prizes as well as a more challenging target, but I think we can pull it off right?

What do you think of the new store?

So the new store set-up has been up and running for a few days now. I’m still making minor tweaks and adding a few more vendors in but the set up is complete! Let me know what you think!

Been a busy week =^_^=

Your catch up on the hottest new releases!
Grab them Inworld or on our Marketplace

Single Ladies in Red The Riddle Bad Romance in Pink Certainty Whenever Wherever In Red Whenever Wherever Bad Romance Single Ladies in Black Single Ladies

Team Line

New Releases are out!
Below is our new Team Line.
Perfect for Halloween next month & everyday fashion!
You can find them all Inworld or on our Marketplace

Mini Hunt & Newbie package!

Having a tincy little hunt in the mainstore!
2 Brown Acorns are hidden INSIDE the mainstore, each one has a special gift for our group members inside.
Just activate your >>Envious<< group tag and slap the acorn when you find it.
The only tips are they are inside the mainstore, 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs.
Hope you enjoy!

Our Newbie Package is also back out with a brand new kit!
Only for those under 30 days of age, includes Skin, Shape, Appliers, Mesh Hoodie, Shorts, and Sneakers.♥

Our welcome pack for new members of secondlife is back up with brand new items! This package is for anyone under 30 days old.

Our welcome pack for new members of secondlife is back up with brand new items!
This package is for anyone under 30 days old.

Enter the Succubus

So I know I’m way early but I’m already feeling in the Halloween spirit!
Maybe its due to it being so cold this week in RL, or I’m simply just crazy. Both very possible lol
Here are two of the latest releases that I’m in love with (specially the pink one, weird cause I used to hate pink)

Lethal Arm Accessories

New Release! Lethal Arm Accessories - 200L Features arm accessories with 33 Colors installed!

New Release!
Lethal Arm Accessories – 200L
Features arm accessories with 33 Colors installed!

Naughty Naughty

Seems I’ve been slacking on updating again. I think I need an assistant to keep up with all my social profiles lol

Heres what Envious has dropped lately ♥

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Meera Dress Full Perm Semi-Exclusive

Sindy Full Perm Semi-Exclusive Heels

Insane Crazy & Crazy Cute

New Releases are out!
Insane Crazy & Crazy Cute 199L Each.
Crazy Cute Insane Crazy

New Full Perm Semi-Exclusive + Big Sale!

All full permission packages are marked 40-80% off for TODAY ONLY at Envious Temps
This includes Semi-Exclusives.
Click Here to shop while stock is still available!


Brand NEW Semi-Exclusive just released in collaboration with Alexxis Decuir of Toxic Templates.
These cute heels are made for TMP Ouch + Slink High feet.
Limited copies available


Kiss me in the Moonlight


Hello there!
Some of you may have noticed I deleted everyone off my facebook. It was not personal! I love you all still =^_^= I just don’t want to get deleted by evil FB again, and have to start all over. So, I have instead transferred everything to a “page” instead. So you can keep in contact with me on facebook by liking my character page or our store page. Hopefully one day FB will stop deleting us! But here are the links =^_^=

SayaNicole Cuttita

Envious Store Page

Kiss me in the dark

American Girl

5 New Bikini’s Just released

Its Bikini day!!!!
5 New Bikini’s out for the taking. Each only 99L!
Click on the pic’s to view on the marketplace or visit us inworld.

Candice Bikini Camo Candice Bikini Judy Candice Bikini Pride Candice Bikini Princess Pride Suit

Tilla Fourth of July Dress’s

Fourth of July is right around the corner!
Celebrate it in style

Tilla Dress Honor Tilla Dress Pride Tilla Dress Spirit

Tilla Dress’s & The Princess Set

New Releases have landed and they are to cute to miss ♥
Tilla Dress – 4 Colors available

Tilla Cotton Candy Tilla Passion Tilla Starburst Tilla Sweet and SourPrincess Set

White Lies

Birthday Girl in Purple

For those who are not fond of pink =^_^=
Birthday Girl Purple – 0L

Birthday Girl Purple

Birthday Girl

New Release! For all the birthdays out there ♥
Birthday Girl – 0L

Birthday Girl


Girl Crush

New Releases 6-23

Haven’t posted in a bit hope everyones been doing well =^_^=
Heres a download on the latest ♥
((Click the pics for marketplace))

Lean On Naughty Thoughts Pressure Black Pressure Purple Pressure Baby Gurl Phenomenal Shut Up and Dance Yolo BabyGirl Crush Heels

Allison Heels ( Full Perm Semi-Exclusive )

NEW Full Perm Semi-Exclusive – Janice Heels

NEW Full Permission Semi-Exclusive heels just dropped.

These sexy lil heels are called “Janice
Only 10 copies to be sold / so claim yours before its gone =-_^=
Rigged for Slink High Feet

Janice Heels Vendor

New PROMO – Want to Want me

New Releases 6/10/2015

Here are today’s hot new releases ♥

Honey I'm Good Judith


My RL went crazy so I have once again fallen behind on updating you on all the goodies available! However I’m back and here to download you on everything you’ve missed. ((Click the pic to visit them on the marketplace)) ♥

Bad Blood Bad Love Good Love Lost Encounter Make Up Mansions Heels Evil Girls

VIP Credit For limited time <33

Hurry in and claim your 200L in VIP Credit! This is only available for a limited time. First come first serve.

Remember to activate your >>Envious<< group tag and slap the sign at the link above to claim.

Thank you for all your love and support! ♥♥

New Full Permission Semi-Exclusive Outfit “Aurora”

*Only 10 copies available*

Aurora Outfit Vendor

Pretty Girls ( Outfit )

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