Bye bye MMs, Hello weekly’s ?

Envious is thinking of getting rid of it’s Midnight Mania Boards.
They seem a bit out dated, popularity has faded and lets face it, it’s difficult to find people who want to slap them anymore right?
So we are thinking of deleting them, and replacing them with something new.

What are my idea’s? Easy.

A raffle of sorts. A random weekly/daily drawing you can enter  for a chance to win a  100% exclusive outfit.
This outfit would not be avilable in store’s and would be exclusive ONLY to this game. So you gotta play if you really want it!

Just relooked at the system. Does not require to pay a fee we can do it by prize for picks, group only, ect.


Along with the raffle we would also do weekly group gifts.
A new outfit every week you can just slap and enjoy.

So now you know the plan what do you think about it?
Please let me know your opinions and cast your vote’s on the poll if your to shy to comment!

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