Are you a Blogger?

Envious is looking for more bloggers now through June 13th.
Applications can be found inworld at our front desk or you can copy and paste the following into a notecard.

Please read over the requirements for our bloggers and fill out the application below.

What we are looking for in our bloggers :
– Visually appealing photo’s showcasing our work in the best possible light.
– Quality content
– Professionalism
– Style

What is expected of our bloggers :
– Blog all items you claim!
– All bloggers have access to the brand new Bloggers Corner on the Envious sim, inside this room are all items I would like to be blogged. This gives you the opportunity to blog something more to your tastes. All items you click/claim MUST be blogged, no exceptions. ((You will need a group tag to use this feature, if you are out of group spaces just let me know in your application)
– Turn in all links!
– Once you have made a post please paste me the link via IM, If a links not turned in I will assume you have not been staying active.
– Your blog MUST have a search bar, makes managing and finding your posts that much easier.
– Posting SLURLs or Marketplace Links when blogging is a MUST no exceptions.

If you have read over the above please fill out the application below, and post in comments or make a notecard
in secondlife titled “Blogger Application (YOUR NAME)” and pass to me SayaNicole Cuttita

» Your SL Name »

» Blog Name »

» Blog URL »

» Flickr »

» Age of Blog »

» Have you blogged anything from Envious before? Show it off ♥ »

» Name your top 5 Favorite products from Envious »

» If you have any questions or comments please post them here »

Thank you!

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