Frequently Asked Questions

Unpacking – Most New releases are equipped with an unpacker script. Please note this script is NOT perfect, so if you are ever missing an item try manually opening the box by dropping it on the ground – right click – open – then copy to inventory.

Refunds – Envious does not offer refunds all sales are final please purchase with care.

Double Purchases – If you accidentally purchased a product please paste me the transaction history and a partial refund will be issued.

Being harassed inworld? Please immediately file an abuse report to Linden Labs and mute the person bothering you.

→ We are not hiring models/staff

Where did you get ….?   Sorry I can not help with items that are not my own, I shop at many places and have trouble remembering where.Thank you for understanding ♥

Bloggers – Bloggers please join the main group for notices on when I’m accepting Applications.

Mall Owners Not looking atm. Please save your notecards. Alternatively you can also purchase our affiliate vendors on the marketplace.

Redeliveries – Visit our redeliver terminal inworld to receive your product immediately(terminal located by the window)
Or you can paste me your transaction history inworld and I will send you the product as soon as I can.

Permissions can not be changed on products.

Inventory can not be transferred to your alt.

Mesh Demo’s – If you are unable to find the demo inworld just let me know I will send you a SLURL or get one made 🙂

→ Sorry but I do not take on custom work due to limited time

Appliers? Envious makes appliers for the Tango Breasts, Phat Azz, WowMeh, and Slink.
                       If you’d like to suggest more appliers please pass me the info and I’ll look into it. ♥

Blogger Connections – group is now closed inworld. However our Facebook group is open & growing!

 How do I resize my outfit? 
              Majority of prim components to the outfits are modify. Just right click edit, then stretch & stretch it to size. Some are equipped with resizers, just left click the item when wearing to activate then choose “All Prims” and resize to your needs.




If you have additional questions that do not require immediate assistance please feel free to comment below


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