C o n t a c t
Please IM me inworld ( SayaNicole Cuttita ) & let me know what you need help with in detail & I will get back to you asap!

D o u b l e P u r c h a s e s
please send me a NoteCard with your transaction history of the purchases
and I will get to you ASAP. Marketplace purchases will not be refunded as the
cart asks twice to confirm.

R e d e l i v e r y
Please send me a IM and include transaction history of item purchased
and I will get a redelivery sent asap.

R e f u n d s
No REFUNDS :: I only give refunds on double purchases as all my items
are No Transfer.All Sales are FINAL so please be careful when buying.

I n v e n t o r y L o s s
Please contact Linden Labs about the items in question.
They should be able to fix it =^_^=

M a r k e t P l a c e G i f t i n g
Please be sure to choose the “Add to cart as gift” option & double check
that you have spelled the name CORRECTLY. Wrong purchases won’t be fixed.

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